Revolutionary Liberation No. 81 (May 2018)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




May Day 2018: Greetings to All Revolutionaries (Joint Statement)
On Trump’s attack on Syria
Down with Imperialist Warmongering of All Great Powers!
Syria: Another Chemical Attack Massacre by the Assad Regime!
Syria: Rally against the Chemical Attack in Douma
The Zionist Murderers and the Palestinian Struggle for Freedom
From Sharpeville to Gaza - Apartheid and its Butchers Will Be Crushed!
Africa: Stop the Repression against Students!
Kenya: Down with the Repression against the Students Union in Nairobi!
Nigeria: Stop the Wave of Repression!
Ghana: Close Down the U.S. Military Base!
Brazil: The Emergency Regime Advances!
Thailand: Defeat the Military Dictatorship!
Defend Jeremy Corbyn and his Supporters against the recent Zionist and Blairite Witchhunt
RCIT: What We Stand For


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