Revolutionary Liberation No. 88

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (December 2018)





Russia / Ukraine: Military Escalation at the Kerch Strait


Britain: No to the Anti-Russian Hysteria and Chauvinism!


UK: Unity March Against Racism and Fascism


Gaza: The Day after the Cease Fire


Gaza: Israel is Responsible for the New Deaths!


Report from a Protest Rally in Haifa (Israel / Occupied Palestine)


A Zionist Rabbi Praises Europe’s Right-Wing Racist Parties as Friends of Israel


Central America / Mexico / U.S.: Solidarity with the Migrants’ Caravan!


Brazil: Scandalous Electoral Fraud Opens the Path to Return of a New Military Regime


Sri Lanka: Power Struggle Within the Ruling Class Threatens Democratic Rights!


The Tsunami in Indonesia and the Widodo Government


China: A Paradise for Billionaires


The Global Super-Rich Get Even Richer


Nigeria: Down With China’s Loan And Currency Swap


ANSA kicks against fee increment in LAUTECH


Forward in Building the Revolutionary Party in Nigeria!


For Socialist Revolution in Nigeria and on the African Continent!


RCIT: What We Stand For


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