Revolutionary Liberation No. 89

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (January 2019)





Greetings for the New Year of 2019: Prepare for a Political Volcano Eruption!
Israel: Zionist Hysteria against Raja Za’atara in Haifa
Commemorate the Palestinian Heroes who died during the Great March of Return!
Egypt: Rallies in Protest against the Visit of Killer-General Sisi in Vienna
On Anti-Semitism and Zionist Racism
Sudan: Bring Down the Regime of Omar al-Bashir!
Nigeria: Daily Dose On Education (Day One)
Nigeria: ANSA Solidarity Activity in Support of the ASUU/COEASU Strike
Nigeria: ANSA Condemns the “No Work No Pay” Threat of the FGN to ASUU
Nigeria: In Defense of Free Education
Brazil: The Generals Place Bolsonaro as a Disposable President, if Necessary!
Brazil: Organizing the Resistance from Below
France: Defend the “Yellow Vests” Movement!
Russia/Ukraine: Military Escalation at the Kerch Strait
UK: Witch-Hunt by Metropolitan Police against Anti-Zionists!
RCIT: What We Stand For


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