Revolutionary Liberation No.92

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (April 2019)




Long Live the International Women’s Day!

Climatic War: Socialist Green New Deal or Great New Disasters!

Zimbabwe: The Cyclone Idai and the Clueless Government

The Terrorist Attack on New Zealand Mosques and Imperialist Hypocrisy

Algeria: Bouteflika Retreats! Now Let Us Defeat His System!

Algeria: Victory to the Popular Insurgency!

Israeli-occupied Golan: Another Provocation by Trump!

Down with the Israeli Attack on Gaza!

Down with the Blockade of Gaza!

Our Position on the Elections in Israel

Obituary: The Tragic Death of Lorenzo Orsetti

Syria: Hail the Insurgent People Fighting for Freedom!

Rally at the 8th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution

Brazil: For a General Strike against Bolsonaro’s Pension Reform!

Protests in Ingushetia (Russia): Down with the Yevkurov Government!

UK: Defend Williamson & Others Against Zionist Witch-Hunt!

UK: Large Demonstration against Fascism and Racism

The Struggle for Social Equality in the US and elsewhere

Zambia: We Condemn the Criminal Fraud Against the RCIT!

RCIT: What We Stand For


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