Revolutionary Liberation No.94

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 94, June 2019




Nigeria: Students’ Union Fights for free Education

Nigeria: Jail Yahoo Yahoo Politicians Before Harassing Yahoo Boys

Attempted Coup D’etat in Venezuela: Defeat Guaidó and Trump!

Syria: Defend Idlib against Assad and Putin!

Syria: Heroic Rebel Fighters Wage Bold Counter-Attack

Syria: Rally in Solidarity with Idlib

Iran: Down with Trump’s Sanctions and Military Threats!

Defend Gaza! Defeat Israel!

Stop the new aggression of Israel in Gaza!!!

On the Israeli Aggression against Gaza

UK: Demonstration in Solidarity with Palestine

Indonesia: Widodo Wins a Second Term as President

Austria: FPÖ Leader Strache Forced to Resign – Right-Wing Government in Crisis!

UK: Critical Support for Labour at the EU Elections

May Day 2019: An International Report


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