Revolutionary Liberation No.95

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 95, July 2019




Sudan: Fight Back against the Generals with a General Strike!

Sudan: Down with the Military Dictatorship!

Sudan: Rally against the Massacre

Long live the African Day!

DRC: Down with High Prices in Public Transport

Save the Syrian Revolution!

Syria: Rally in Support of the Syrian People in Idlib

Egypt’s Former President Morsi Dies during Brutal Incarceration

Egypt: Rally in Commemoration of Mohamed Morsi

Jerusalem Day in Israel: Down with the Chauvinist Orgy!

China: Mass Protests against “Extradition Law” in Hong Kong

Brazil: Bolsonaro’s Auto-Putsch Failed!

Brazil: 1.5 Million Demonstrators in the Streets!

Poland: Stop right-wing totalitarianism!

Britain after the European Elections and May’s Resignation


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