Revolutionary Liberation No.97

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 97, September 2019




India: Defend the Kashmiri People against Modi’s Attack!

Jammu Kashmir Revolutionary Socialists support RCIT Statement on Kashmir

India: Rally in Solidarity with the Oppressed People in Kashmir

Modi Has Transformed Kashmir into a Huge Concentration Camp

China: Solidarity with the General Strike in Hong Kong!

Syria: The Fall of the Martyr City Khan Sheikhoun

Egypt: Rally on the 6th Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre

Brazil: Save the Amazon!

Kenya: Successful Event on the Pan African Women’s Day

Greetings from the RCIT to the Pan African Women’s Day

Zimbabwe: Neoliberal Austerity means Misery for the Masses

Puerto Rico: US Colony in Revolt!

Drilling in the Aegean: We do not fight for their Hydrocarbons!

Britain: Boris Johnson Determined to Impose a No Deal Brexit

What the RCIT Stands For


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