Revolutionary Liberation No.99

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 99, November 2019




Syria: Assad Regime and Kurdish YPG Strike a Reactionary Deal
No to the Turkish Invasion in North-East Syria!
Syria: US Imperialism Deserts the Kurds … Once Again
Iraq: Victory to the Popular Insurrection against the Government of Abdel Mahdi!
On the Background of the Popular Uprising of the Iraqi People
Iraq: Rally in Solidarity with the Popular Uprising
Lebanon: A Revolutionary Situation
Yemen: Another Humiliating Blow for the Saudi Aggressors!
Somalia: Drive Out the AMISOM and Western Occupation Forces!
Ecuador: For a Popular Insurrection to Bring Down the Lenin Moreno Regime!
Ecuador: For an Indefinite General Strike against the Neoliberal Austerity Pack!
Spanish State: Freedom for Catalan Political Prisoners!
Britain: Johnson makes last attempts for an agreement with the EU
Climate Strike: Impressive Mass Demonstration in Vienna
Indonesia: Defend Democratic Rights!
PRT (Costa Rica) and RCIT: For Revolutionary Unity!
What the RCIT Stands For


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