Revolutionary Communism - New Series#1


Theoretical Review of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)





Editorial: Expansions of our Publications
Catalunya’s Struggle for Independence and its Pseudo-“Left-Wing” Critiques
Interview with Russian Marxists: Imperialism, Authoritarian Regime and the Left in Russia
Das Kapital – 150th Anniversary of a Milestone in Class Struggle
The Deadly Breath of Imperialism
Sankara’s Legacy: 30 Years on, Africa still needs More Upright Men!!!
Remembering Nkrumah’s 108th: The Pan-African Socialist Who Never Dies!
The Current Political Crisis in Zimbabwe and the Slogan of the Revolutionary Constituent Assembly
Anatomy of the Communist Party of Bangladesh
The Lambertists - Road to Nowhere
US Aggression against North Korea: The CWI’s “Socialist” Pacifism


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