Revolutionary Communism - New Series#20&21

English-Language Theoretical Review of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), New Series No.20&21, July/August 2019
Special Double Issue on the Crisis in the CWI



Open Letter: Crisis in the CWI - For a Marxist Way Out!

I. Revolutionary Overthrow of the State
Is a socialist transformation possible through peaceful or parliamentary reforms?

II. Anti-Imperialism: A Decisive Test for Marxists
On defending semi-colonial countries against imperialist aggression

III. The Struggle against National Oppression
Revolutionary support for the struggle of the oppressed versus social-chauvinist opportunism

IV. Reformism and the Labour Bureaucracy
On the nature of the reformist parties and trade unions and the necessary tactics

V. The Nature of the Current Period and the Corresponding Tasks for Revolutionaries
On China’s rise as an imperialist power and the Great Power Rivalry, on the Arab Revolution, on UK’s Brexit and on building the Revolutionary World Party

Open Letter Great Tasks demand Great Initiative! 6 Points for Revolutionary Unity

RCIT: What We Stand For


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