Revolutionary Communism - New Series#26

English-Language Theoretical Review of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), New Series No.26, October 2019




Revolutionaries and the Slogan of “Azadi Kashmir”
Should Marxists advocate the independence of Kashmir?
1. The Marxist classics on national self-determination of oppressed peoples
2. The algebraic slogan of the “right of national self-determination”
and the specific slogan of “independence”
3. Not only opposition against oppression but active support for the struggle of oppressed nations!
4. The occupation of Kashmir: A casualty of the colonial legacy
5. Kashmir: What do the people want?
6. Independence or joining Pakistan?
7. The Perspective of a Socialist Federation of the Peoples of South Asia
8. The importance of the Kashmiri liberation struggle for the Indian workers movement and left

Global Trade War: “If That Takes a Decade, So Be It!”
A telling statement of Trump’s economic adviser
Larry Kudlow about the U.S.-China Cold War

Semi-Colonial Intermediate Powers
and the Theory of Sub-Imperialism
A contribution to an ongoing debate amongst Marxists
and a proposal to tackle a theoretical problem
Brief summary of the main defects and dangers of the theory of sub-imperialism
Approximation to the problem
On some requirements of dialectical categories
Proposal of new category
Consequences for tactic


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