Revolutionary Communism - New Series#36

English-Language Theoretical Review of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), New Series No.36,  April 2020






Manifesto: COVID-19 - A Cover for a Major Global Counterrevolutionary Offensive

We are at a turning point in the world situation as the ruling classes provoke a war-like atmosphere in order to legitimize the build-up of chauvinist state-bonapartist regimes


No, most likely it is not COVID-19 that is going to kill you

A manageable epidemic became public enemy number one distracting from the real killers


The 2019 Corona Virus and the Decay of Capitalism


Ex-IMF Advisor: “Corona Virus Crisis is also an Opportunity”

How the ruling classes try to utilize COVID-19 to utilize their crisis


COVID-19 and the cruel Double Standard of Imperialism

What agreement with measures like social distancing and lockdowns really means


No, the Corona Virus is not the Main Cause of the Global Economic Slump!

Bourgeois Media Officially Recognize the Beginning of another Great Recession


2019-nCoV and the Virus of Chauvinism

A comparison with measles and the reactionary Anti-Vaxx campaigners


What the RCIT Stands for




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