Revolutionary Communism - New Series#53

English-Language Theoretical Review of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), New Series No.53, April 2021




COVID-19: “A Market of up to 23 Billion US-Dollar”. The big corporations in the pharmaceutical industry expect gigantic profits by the vaccine business


Nigeria: For a People’s Militia to Defeat the Conquest of Northern Hegemony! Defend the Right of Southern Ethnic Nationalities to Secession and Autonomy! For an Indefinite General Strike to Bring Down the Buhari Regime!


Myanmar: Popular Anger also Turns Against Japanese Corporations. Once more, Stalinist slander against a popular democratic uprising is refuted by reality


China is Definitely the Place where You Want to Be (If You are a Billionaire). Following the Latest Report of the Hurun Global Rich List


UK: On the 1972 Building Workers Strike. A conspiracy by the capitalist state and the betrayal of the Stalinist CPGB


Preface for the Portuguese Translation of “The Great Robbery of the South”


What the RCIT Stands for


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