Revolutionary Communism - New Series#56

English-Language Theoretical Review of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), New Series No.56, July 2021




Open Letter: Prepare for a New Era of Storm and Stress! Palestine, Myanmar, Colombia, Afghanistan, … - Popular Uprisings and Wars Open a New Phase of Global Class Struggle

Occupied Palestine: A criminal negligence, willful blindness or another planned crime?

On the Recent Blinken Visit to the Middle East

Down with Racist Zionism! Down with Anti-Semitism!

“The U.S. is Back”? Dream on, Mr. Biden! On the political meaning of the recent Great Power summits (G7, NATO, Putin-Biden)

China: A Revealing Eulogy! A Japanese Monopoly Capitalist Praises China’s Ruling “Communist” Party

The Art to Conceal. Alan Woods’ IMT of about the Great Power rivalry between US and China

25 years ago: The Chinese Stalinist’s Tiananmen Square Massacre (From our Archive)


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