Revolutionary Communism - New Series#58

English-Language Theoretical Review of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), New Series No.58, August 2021




Is Cuba Socialist? Are the Current Popular Protests Legitimate?

Questions and Answers from a Marxist point of view

Cuba and South Africa: Stalino-Capitalism in Action
Some advice to all socialists: judge parties by their actions, not by their general ideological commitments which do not commit them to anything!

Cuba: “Trotskyist” Auxiliaries of the Stalinist-Capitalist Regime
Some comments on Alan Woods’ “International Marxist Tendency” and Jeff Mackler’s “Socialist Action”

Burma/Myanmar: Some Thoughts on the International Significance of the Popular Uprising

Where are the Workers in the Chinese “Communist” Party?
Some interesting findings on the CCP’s class composition according to an official report of the party’s Organization Department

Examples of Pro-Russian Social-Imperialism
British Stalinism and the misnamed “World Socialist Web Site”on the shooting incident in the Black Sea between UK and Russia

Interesting Assessments of the Global Class Struggle by a Bourgeois Think Tank
A commentary on the findings of the latest issue of the “Global Peace Index” by the “Institute for Economics & Peace”

Changes in the Composition of the International Working Class
Some interesting findings from a new report of the UN’s International Labour Office


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