Against the attacks on education! Education for all under control of the working class and youth!


In many countries, the capitalist class (with the help of social democracy) promotes a policy of privatisation and increasing costs of education. The corporations gain more and more influence in the schools and universities. Access to education is increasingly expensive and the stress in the education system itself is constantly increasing.


In many other countries, large segments of the population are excluded from education. Illiteracy is therefore still widespread. In large countries like India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, for example, 40-50% of the people over 15-year-old find it impossible to learn to read and write. In many African countries the percentage is even higher.


Education in the bourgeois society primarily serves the formation of labour forces which are qualified and prepared to subordinate themselves to the capitalist command. Therefore, the education system transmits not only knowledge to the youth but they are also ideologically manipulated and indoctrinated in the spirit of slavish subordination under the bosses. More than ever, the school is the factory of the youth.


Just as the capitalist state apparatus as such, also the education system – which is part of it – must be smashed. The Bolsheviks-Communists, therefore, seek a fundamental revolution in the education system to build a Unified Labour School, in which work and education, theory and practice are combined and in which the society and in particular the teachers and the students actively participate in the decisions. But this will be possible only in a socialist society.


As long as the working class and the oppressed have to live under the conditions of the profit system, we call for the best possible access to education for qualified, class-struggle militant workers and the strengthening of institutions of alternative-power. It is therefore of utmost importance to fight for self-government and the control of the schools by the trainees in cooperation with the teachers. We fight against the bureaucratic state control from above and the authoritarian rule of directors and teachers over the trainees. At the same time it is the task of the workers movement to build, as far as possible, a proletarian education system in order to help the oppressed classes to get education in conjunction with the formation of proletarian solidarity and the teachings of the class struggle.


* Consistent and mandatory education for all with 12 school levels!


* For vocational training (apprenticeship or second chance education) in public education, in conjunction with state enterprises and controlled by the unions and the students!


* Free school and university access for all! No charges or credits and any access restrictions in the education system! Offering of preparatory courses for visiting the university for workers during working hours and paid for by the state! Abolition of final graduation and of the entrance requirements to the universities, which make access to college even more difficult for workers, apprentices and migrants!


* Financing of education and living expenses for the students by the state!


* Against cuts in education! Massive increase of teachers and the expansion of public schools to improve the quality of education!


* No private and religious schools and universities! No religion or ethics classes in schools! For a unified, secular education system in public hands!


* Instead of a pseudo-participation in the educational institutions – build a militant student union respectively a university student union! Instead of meddling and domination by capitalists or state bureaucrats – for joint control of schools by students, parents and teachers and of universities by students, teachers and representatives of labour organizations!


* Election and possibility to re-call the teachers by students and parents – without harming salaries, social-benefits or job-security of re-called educational personnel! Abolition of the post of school principal!


* Joint development of the curriculum by democratically elected student representatives with representatives of the workers' movement with equal rights. Unified education hours per week staggered by school year, with a maximum of 35 hours per week for all students without additional work at home. For the right to political activity in the schools!


* For a Unified Labour School system for all until the age of 18 years, in which education and work, theory and practice, is linked!


* The research and science should be organised according to a plan that is based on the needs of society and not the profit – controlled by the workers' movement and in cooperation with the employees of these institutions! Abolition of the patent system!



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