Against wage cuts, job insecurity and unemployment!


The capitalists, as always, do everything in order to shift the burden of the crisis on the working class. Before the crisis 177 million people were out of work worldwide (2007), this number grew in a short time to 210 million unemployed people (2010). Particularly affected are young people. For example, in North Africa and the Middle East nearly a quarter of all young people are officially without a job.

Those who still have jobs often have to work in highly insecure employment conditions and receive a small wage. More than half of all workers worldwide are employed – according to official statistics (the actual rate is probably much higher) – in insecure employment conditions. While in the rich imperialist countries this affects nearly 10% of all workers, their share in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union is a fifth, in Latin America one third, in East and Southeast Asia at 50-60% and in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa more than 75%.

1.2 billion Employees – this is about 40% of world's working population – are so-called "working poor" (those who are poor despite having a job and who must make a living on an income of less than $ 2 per day to feed their family). In Southeast Asia this is the case for more than half and in South Asia and in sub-Saharan Africa for about 80% of all employees.

It is no wonder that against the background of the entrepreneur and the capitalist crisis offensive, the profits rise at the expense of wages everywhere. In India, for example, the share of wages in income have halved from the early 1990s until the late 2000s, while that of profits has doubled. Similarly, the share of wages has dramatically reduced in China.

We can improve our situation only if we oppose the capitalist logic of the subordination of our wages and jobs under the profit with the proletarian logic of the safety of working class and the entire society.


We say: wage and job security at the expense of the profits. Faced with these demands the capitalists are howling and whining that they cannot pay for this.


We answer: You are all stuffing a large part of the value in your pockets each year and leave only the rest for the wage earners, small farmers and the urban poor – i.e. the great majority of working people. If you're not willing or able to pay, then we expropriate you!

* No to any pay cut! For massive wage increases and a minimum wage, the amounts of which should be set by independent workers' committees!

* Fight insecure employment! Conversion of unprotected, informal and temporary contracts into permanent contracts, with alignment of the employment protection provisions and wages. The adherence of these should be regulated by collective tariff agreements and controlled by trade unions and workforce representatives!

* Fight all layoffs and plant closures! Expropriation without compensation of all enterprises that don’t pay wages completely, who threaten with layoffs, who don’t pay their taxes in full or threaten with closure or relocation of the site! In such cases: the entrepreneurs must be made to pay out of their private property! Continuation of these companies as public companies under the management of the employees!

* Cut the working hours now! We support any reduction in working hours. The aim must be the division of labour on all hands. This means that everyone should have a job and work with less hours at unchanged wages!



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