An end to the "business secret"! For workers' control!

For a public employment programme!


While business and government know always exactly about the level of wages of each worker, the entire financial management and the actual profits of the businesses remain a secret to the public. Thus the doors are opened for fraud and misrepresentation against the employees. Moreover, under the pretext of the business secret, corruption grows, including the extensive bribery of public officials. We call for an end to the "business secret", because what happens to the products of our work must not be kept secret from us.

Particularly in times of crisis, businesses try to raise their profits by tightening of work stress, increasing unpaid overtime, etc. No wonder that the businesses were able to increase the labour productivity in recent decades. Our struggle must aim to change the system so that we are not slaves and that we can veto the arbitrary decisions of the bosses. We are fighting against the tyranny of the boss in the enterprise and for control by the workers. However, we reject any form of "co-management", "social partnership", etc. – i.e. the inclusion of worker representatives in the management – as this makes the workers' representatives only the lackeys of the capitalists.

In all countries there is a tremendous need to improve the economic base and infrastructure. In Africa, millions of people are starving because of a lack of supply of basic necessities. In Pakistan, there are systematic failures in the power supply. In the U.S. – the richest country on earth – 26% of all bridges are in poor condition and more than 4.000 dams in America have serious security flaws. Worldwide, huge investments in environmental protection are necessary to prevent climate change. At the same time, millions of people are sacked and their labour skills remain unused. All this shows once more the absurdities of a profit-based economy. Against this background, the slogan for a public employment programme under control of the working class and the oppressed and paid for from the profits of the rich is of central importance. This applies especially to the poorer countries where the economy is strongly characterised by small, financially weak companies and where, therefore, the combat power of workers is limited.

* Open the books – bookkeeping, bank accounts, tax returns, etc.! Inspection by accountants who enjoy the trust of the workers!

* For workers inquiry committees for comprehensive detection of corruption between companies and between companies and government agencies!

* For the control and the veto right of the workers against all decisions of the management! Against any participation of workers representatives in management positions!

* For a public employment programme to improve infrastructure (energy supply, public transport, education and child care, etc.), to take action against climate change, etc. This programme must not be subject to state control of bureaucrats, but must be planned and controlled by the workers and oppressed people. It is to be paid out of profits and the assets of the super rich.


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