An end to the oppression of young people!


Capitalism offers no future for the youth. According to official unemployment statistics in many parts of the world every fourth or fifth young person is without a job – in fact, the percentage is much higher. Officially, the unemployment rate of young people worldwide is almost three times as high as that of adults! Young workers are often employed in precarious employment conditions and are exposed to a particularly high exploitation.

The youth of the working class has demonstrated countless times in history that it plays a central role in the revolution. But also the youth of other layers – especially the peasantry and the poor – often play an important role in the liberation struggle. The Arab Revolution, the August Uprising 2011 in Britain or the movement of the outraged, these events are all again confirming this at the beginning of the new historical period.

As central as the role of youth in the revolutionary movements of recent decades has been, as low is their role in the traditional organisations of the labour movement. This again is an expression of aristocratic orientation and of the reactionary character of the bureaucracy.

The struggle for the liberation of youth is an integral part of the struggle for socialist revolution. Similarly, the building of a revolutionary youth international is an integral part of the struggle for the creation of the world party of socialist revolution. Such a youth international must (as well as the revolutionary party) even in their first steps be built primarily from the ranks of the working class and orientate to the interests of our class. Otherwise, it will be impossible in the long run to maintain a revolutionary programme and the revolutionary method.

The Bolshevik-Communists stand for:

* Equal pay for equal work! Prohibition of child labour! Full-fledged training programmes with full wage and guaranteed employment for young people instead of low-cost training programs!

* For the full right to vote, at least from 16 years on!

* For the development of a wide variety of youth centres, paid by the state and under self-management of the young people!

* For the building of a revolutionary youth movement! For the right to caucus for young people in the mass organisations of workers and oppressed!


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