Cancel the debts! Expropriate the banks and speculators!


A small minority of super-rich people in the imperialist countries constantly plunder the people around the world through the banks and financial institutions they control. In fact, the whole world is their hostage. The rich countries have a national debt, which equals their entire annual economic output. Taking the entire debt (i.e. government, enterprises and households) in the imperialist countries this is two, three or even four times the value of the annual gross domestic product. Moreover, the imperialist financial sharks and their stooges in government, the IMF and World Bank, are forcing the semi-colonial world ("developing countries") to pay each year more than 240 billion U.S. dollars to their debtors (state of 2007). Greece for example is forced into submission by the EU because of its national debt of 340 billion €, but it has already paid until 2011 in the past € 600 billion in interest.

In other words, these bankers and fund speculators overwhelm the working class, the peasantry, and even large parts of the middle class and the oppressed people twice and three times with their debt burden. They exploit the popular masses on the one hand by the direct debt with its interest and compound interest and on the other hand they force them to pay as taxpayers for the ever growing national debt. And finally, the masses are also victims of the policy of serving the government debt via privatisation of public enterprises and the reduction of social and health services. The labour movement must reject all politics (of ATTAC, various left Social Democrats and others) which accepts the logic of reimbursement of only a portion of the debt. The Bolshevik-Communists propose the following slogans:

* No further interest and debt repayment! Immediate and complete cancellation of all private and government debt!

* Cancel the debt of all semi-colonial countries of Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe!

* Expropriation of all banks and financial institutions! Combination into a single central government under workers' control! Full security of the bank deposits of small and medium savers!

* Nationalisation of assets traded on the stock market and the abolition of the stock market! Compensation for small shareholders!

* Smash the IMF and the World Bank!


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