Combat the sexual oppression of church and state!


Worldwide, people with a different sexual orientation than the prevailing heterosexuality are discriminated against. In most countries, relationships of lesbians, gays and transgender persons are either legally not recognised at all or even explicitly threatened with penalties. But even in those countries where their sexuality is legally recognised, gay, lesbians and transgender people are oppressed in many ways. Many don’t even dare, therefore, to admit their non-heterosexual sexual orientation openly.

Those who whip up incitement against people with a non-heterosexual orientation are bourgeois forces, media and religious institutions. They fear a threat to the institution of the family. For the same reason, they also suppress the free sexual development of young people through laws that allow them sexual contact only above a certain age limit.

But it is the social relations of oppression against women, young people and people with a non-heterosexual sexual orientation, which open the doors for violence and abuse. Characteristically, most of these abuses take place in relationships that are characterised by clear hierarchical relationships (e-g. family, church, orphanages, prison). Therefore, the Bolshevik-Communists advocate the abolition of all forms of oppression of sexuality and the greatest possible protection against all forms of violence and abuse.

* An end to the paternalism by the state and religious institutions: everyone should be able to realise his or her sexuality without coercion and regulations, as long as this takes place with the mutual consent of the partners.

* For wide-ranging possibilities to obtain high-quality and free contraceptives in pharmacies, at jobs and training sites!

* Complete equality for lesbian, gay and transgender people in the marriage law, right to have children, the public showing of their affection, etc.!

* No criminalisation of the sexuality of young people by statutory age restrictions! However, we are in favour of strict laws against rape and domestic violence, to protect children from abuse. Domestic violence perpetrators should be held accountable by neighbourhood and school committees.


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