Defence of public services! Fight the privatization!


For many years all bourgeois governments (including the Social Democrats and Stalinists) have pursued a policy of cuts and the privatisation of public services. The result is impoverishment and the exclusion of growing portions of the population to the social, health and pension system. What are the causes of this policy? The ruling class must make sharp cuts in public services in order to reduce the taxes for the rich, to open new areas to increase profit, to pay for the bailouts for monopoly capital and to finance its bloated state apparatus and its wars.

Here, too, one has to oppose the logic of profit with, the proletarian logic of the safety and future of the workers and oppressed. But to secure it and expand our achievements, we must wrestle control over the economy from the capitalists and take over ourselves.

* Defend all public services! Hands off the social and health systems! All essential services such as water, electricity, health care, education, etc., must be publicly owned and controlled by the workers and the users! Free access to basic services for all!

* A pension may not be a roulette ball of the financial markets! The pension system must be entirely in public ownership - nationalisation of private pension funds with total security for the money paid by the people! Consolidation of all pension funds into a single, state-run pension system! Increase of pensions and reduction of the retirement age to a level agreed to by the workers’ movement and the pensioners' associations!

* Special consideration for workers of physically strenuous or hazardous professions for retirement.

* Massive increase in the minimum pension and the right to claim it for all who are living in the country. Increase in pension payments for women and migrants to the level of men and natives. Crediting of maternity leave and periods of care for family members as full working time for the pension entitlement!

* No to the privatisation of public property - neither to domestic nor to foreign capitalists!

* Nationalisation of all media under the control of employees, the labour movement and the consumers! Democratic participation of all sections of society in the media!

* Re-nationalisation of privatised and outsourced companies under workers' control and without compensation!


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