Down with militarism and imperialist war!


In the period of accelerated decline of capitalism the tensions between the ruling classes and states increase inevitably. If the prey gets smaller, the bandits fight harder for their share.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the rivalry between the major imperialist powers exacerbates. The U.S. brace themselves against the end of its absolute hegemony as the imperialist leading power which lasted for more than half a century-long. China has entered the arena as a self-confident new imperialist power and is expanding its influence. The EU is trying hard to become a unified and powerful force, and Russia are trying to increase its share in this geopolitical power struggle.

Ultimately, the rivalry between the great powers threatens to lead to a new world war. Albeit this danger is not immediately pending, we experience an enormous increase of imperialist colonial wars and "limited" intervention in the semi-colonial world since a number of years (e.g. in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, etc. from the U.S. and the EU; in Chechnya and Georgia by Russia). This is accompanied by the increase in proxy wars and imperialist militarism and rearmament (especially concerning the technological modernization).

Despite the worst economic crisis since 1929, the ruling class spends vast amounts of money for their military apparatus. In 2010 alone 1.63 trillion U.S. dollars were spent worldwide – more than twice as much as 10 years earlier. What a waste of economic resources!

With the intensification of class antagonisms and possible uprisings in their own countries the ruling class – even in the rich imperialist countries – increasingly sees the need to deploy the army in their own country against revolutionary struggles of the working class and oppressed. (See e.g. the army’s intervention during the Arab Revolution, the military coups in Thailand and Honduras, but also the threat of use of the British army against the fighting youth during the August 2011 uprising)

Against the background of these developments, a replacement of conscript’s armies by professional armies takes place in many countries. This shall save costs on the one hand and on the other hand, an army can be formed, where the "risk" of potential resistance against colonial and civil wars amongst the soldiers is smaller.

The heroic and just resistance against the colonialists and their henchmen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, Chechnya, etc. shows that the imperialist beast can be beaten. And the impressive anti-war mobilisations - especially on 15th February 2003, when 15-20 million people protested on the streets against the Iraq war – have proven that in the metropolises too resistance against the war policy of the ruling class has grown.

The Bolshevik-Communists fight everywhere against bourgeois militarism and imperialist war. We categorically reject the policy of the pacifists, social democrats and Stalinists like appeals for disarmament, to UN mediation, peaceful coexistence between states and the promotion of nonviolent resistance. The rulers with their talking shops as the UN or its hypocritical international courts can never abolish war from the world. This can only be achieved by the working class and the oppressed peoples themselves through the uncompromising class struggle – including the armed struggle. That is why we advocate a military training of the working class one under its own control.

In imperialist wars, we reject any support for the ruling class. We advocate the defeat of the imperialist state. Our slogan is that of Karl Liebknecht: "The main enemy is at home". Our goal is to transform the imperialist war into a civil war against the ruling class.

In military conflicts between imperialist states and Stalinist degenerated workers states (such as Cuba or North Korea) or semi-colonial peoples and states, we call for the defeat of the former and for the victory of non-imperialist side. We defend the latter, even if they are led by bourgeois (e.g. Saddam Hussein), petty-bourgeois (e.g. Hamas in Palestine, Taliban in Afghanistan) or Stalinist-bureaucratic (e.g. the Communist Party of Cuba) forces. At the same time we desire to break away the working class and the oppressed from these forces and to win them for an independent class policy through the application of anti-imperialist united front tactics. This means putting demands on the existing leaderships for a common struggle against imperialism under our own banners. This principled stance distinguishes authentic Marxism from the Social Democratic, Stalinist and centrist variants of pseudo-Marxism who usually either refuse in a war, to openly call for the victory of the oppressed peoples against imperialism or they confuse military support with political adaption to the semi-colonial regimes (e.g. the pro-Qaddafi left during the civil war in Libya 2011)

In capitalist countries, we are fighting against all forms of the army and advocate its replacement by a workers' and people's militia. Similarly, communist deputies in parliament can never vote for a military budget. We oppose the replacement of conscript’s armies by professional armies, because it decreases the possibility of undermining the military from within. As long as a bourgeois army exists, we fight for democratic demands to strengthen the rights of ordinary soldiers against the officers and generals. We advocate that the soldiers unite with class struggle and liberation movements, and turn the guns against their superiors.

* No money, no man and no woman for the bourgeois army! Democratic rights for the soldiers, for the building of soldiers' committees and the election of officers!

* For the military training under control of the workers' movement! For a workers' and people militia instead of the bourgeois army!

* Withdrawal from and dissolution of all imperialist military alliances (e.g. NATO, Partnership for Peace)! Disbandment of all U.S. and other imperialist military bases around the world!

* No to all imperialist wars and occupations (Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Chad, etc.)! For the defeat of the imperialists - for the victory of the resistance! Hands off Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea!



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