Fight against super-exploitation and national oppression of migrants!


In the era of imperialism and especially globalization, migration from poorer to richer countries has massively increased. In many rich, imperialist countries migrants constitute now – particularly in urban centres – 10, 20, 30, 40 or more percent of the population. In the Gulf States the proportion is even higher.

Migrants from poorer countries are brought into the country by capital in the vast majority of cases as cheaper labour forces. Therefore, they experience super-exploitation. Moreover, they are oppressed because of their national origin in different ways – either due to special immigration laws, lack of civil rights or due to language discrimination. This oppression and super-exploitation is justified and reinforced by the ideology of racism.

The fact that the unions usually organise primarily the better-off strata of the working class and not the oppressed and lower classes – including especially the migrants – is an expression of their bureaucratic, aristocratic orientation and must be strongly opposed.

To produce the greatest possible unity of the multinational working class, the workers' movement must consistently fight against all forms of national oppression and super-exploitation of the migrants as well as against the racist prejudices. By this they can undermine the ground for nationalist isolation trends, promoted by (petty) bourgeois leaders of the migrant communities. The Bolsheviks-Communists advocate therefore:

* Full citizenship rights and abolition of all special laws for all migrants – regardless of nationality, race, religion or nationality! Equal pay for equal work!

* The right to stay and immediate legalisation of all illegal migrants and asylum seekers! Right of asylum for those fleeing war, oppression and poverty in their countries! Open borders for all!

* Fight the incitement against Muslims. For the right to free exercise of religion – including the right to build mosques and the right of Muslim women, to wear a veil (scarf, burqua etc.) wherever they want! Similarly, we say: No one must be forced against her or his will to follow religious guidelines (such as the wearing of a headscarf)! The same applies e.g. for the wearing of the Dastar of the Sikhs.

* For the abolition of the official state languages! Equal treatment and equal supply of languages of migrants in the schools, courts, public administration and in the media! Free and voluntary offer for all to learn the languages of other national groups in the country!

* Local self-government of areas with a high proportion of migrants! Special consideration to the wishes of migrants in defining the borders of self-governing regions! Financial support by the state!

* For a revolutionary movement of the migrants as part of the 5th Workers International! For the right of caucus for migrants in the unions and the organizations of the workers' movement!



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