Fight inflation! For the adjustment of wages to inflation!

For price control committees!

Even if we achieve a small wage increase, this is undone mostly due to price increases (inflation). In this case, the speculation of monopoly capital in the financial markets plays a major role. Especially in the last decade, food prices rose so dramatically. In 2003 a ton of rice cost 600 U.S. dollars but in 2008 it was already 1.800 U.S. dollars. In the second half of 2010 alone the price of grain increased by 32%. Our nutrition and health has become a roulette ball for financial speculators!

Here, too, one has to oppose the logic of the free market with the interests of workers and consumers. Therefore, the Bolshevik-Communists propose to the organisations of the workers' movement to fight for the following demands:

* Fight inflation! For automatic adjustment of wages and all social benefits and pensions to price increases!

* For the control of prices through price monitoring committee, elected by the workers, housewives and -men as well as consumers! The basis should be a cost of living index, which is determined by representatives of the working class, the peasants and small traders.

* Nationalisation of assets in commodity trading at the stock markets and the abolition of the stock market!



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