Fighting fascism


Fascism is the deadliest weapon of the capitalists against our class. Once fascism is in power, it means the reign of terror of capitalism at its worst and bloodiest form. Today, the fascists are getting stronger as the rise of Jobbik in Hungary, the German NPD, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in India, etc. shows.

That is why we say: No democratic rights, no parade, and no event for the fascists. The fascists are trying by force to enslave our class – we will fight their reactionary violence with our revolutionary violence.

We advocate broad united front’s of the organisations of the labour movement and of migrants for the purpose of organising joint action against fascists and racists. We want to fight side by side with these organisations, but we will not stop the fight if their leadership's hesitate or retreat. The Bolshevik-Communists advocate the establishment of anti-fascist self-defence units of the workers movement.

In their struggle against fascism the labour movement put no faith in the bourgeois state, i.e. the police and judiciary. We refuse to appeal to the state forces to ban on fascist or militant racist organisations. This fuels only illusions in the state amongst wage earners and young people. It is also a very dangerous game, because the state will in an emergency leave the fascists unharmed and use its executive powers against us revolutionaries and all militant organisations of the workers and oppressed.

Fascism gains strength not by virtue of its ideas, but because of the desperation, which affects the middle class and the politically backward, disoriented sections of the working class, faced with the massive crisis of the system. The mobilisation of these desperate elements on the streets, the goon squads, which the fascists use as a battering ram against the labour movement, the migrants etc. – all that makes fascism so dangerous and distinguishes it from other bourgeois forces. The struggle against fascism must, therefore, connect with the struggle against its roots – capitalism – and an alternative, radical program (public employment program, expropriation of monopoly capital, etc.).

* Smash the fascist organizations! No platform for fascists and militant racists!

* For the formation of joint self-defence units of workers, migrants and youth to protect against fascist and racist attacks!


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