From the armed insurrection to the dictatorship of the proletariat and towards socialism!


Whatever will be the path to socialism, the decisive breaking point will always be the armed struggle led by the revolutionary party against the capitalist class or the ruling bureaucratic caste in the national and international arena. The goal of this armed class struggle is the overthrow and the expropriation of these parasites, the destruction of its state apparatus and the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The task of the dictatorship of the proletariat is to advance the revolution. In fact, the revolution can survive and win only if it has a permanent character. Otherwise it risks a fate like the bureaucratisation and finally the collapse in the USSR. The Bolshevik-Communists, therefore, advocate the strategy of permanent revolution. This means that the revolution must constantly strive for international expansion with the aim of establishing a world socialist society. Our slogan therefore is not the construction of socialism in one country, but the spread of the revolution from one to different countries towards federations of socialist states and ultimately the formation of the United Socialist States of the World. Simultaneously the permanent revolution also tries to advance the economic, social and cultural transformation. Such a socialist society in which decisions are democratically taken in councils from the bottom up, through delegates recallable at any time, will plan the entire social and economic resources to meet the needs of people and not of profit of a few.

In short, the door towards a classless society without a state, without any form of oppression is open. In other words, the building of socialism heralding a new phase of human history - the realm of freedom in which human beings take their fate as a free, self-determining and comprehensively developing being into their own hands.

But the crucial prerequisite for this path to communism is the timely development of a revolutionary combat party of the working class on the basis of a Bolshevik programme. Time is short! The Bolshevik-Communists of the RCIT are looking for discussion and unity with all fighters who are willing to turn with us the world upside down. Forward to the Fifth Workers International, the world party of socialist revolution!


Workers and oppressed of all countries, unite!

With socialism, we have a world to win - with capitalism, we can only lose it!

Fight with the RCIT for the Fifth Workers International as the world party of socialist revolution!




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