Free the oppressed peoples from the clutches of the banks and corporations!


Modern capitalism is characterised not only by the exploitation of the working class by the capitalist class, but also by the exploitation and oppression of peoples in the non-imperialist – the semi-colonial – countries by the imperialist monopoly capital. On the basis of this exploitation monopoly capital is also able in the rich countries to finance a bloated state apparatus associated with a relatively "democratic" form of rule and the corruption of the middle class and the labour aristocracy.

In 1995-2010 alone imperialist monopoly capital squeezed out from the semi-colonial countries to the metropolises more than 6.500 billion U.S. dollars. Similarly, the imperialist countries enforce free access for their commodities to the markets of poorer countries, while simultaneously closing off their own markets for the products of semi-colonial countries.

This imperialist exploitation leads to daily disasters in the semi-colonial world. Every day 100,000 people die of hunger or its consequences. Similarly, the poor countries are affected much more dramatically and immediately by the impacts of climate change as the annual flood disasters in Pakistan and Bangladesh show. The Bolshevik-Communist demand that the international workers movement fights together with organisations of peasants and the poor for the following demands:

* Cancel the debt of all semi-colonial countries of Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe! Instead, the imperialist states must compensate the semi-colonial world for the plundering of their natural and human resources!


* Smash the IMF, World Bank and the WTO!

* No to protectionism in the imperialist countries against the commodities of poorer countries! Abolition of the NAFTA and the EU's common agricultural policy and similar protectionist weapons of imperialism! On the other hand, however, we defend the right of ‘third world' countries to protect their markets from cheap imports from the imperialist countries.

* Nationalisation of the imperialist banks and corporations under workers' control!

* For an international emergency plan to rescue the starving and to fight against the consequences of climate change – funded from the profits of the banks and corporations in rich countries!


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