The world is sliding from one crisis to another and from one disaster to another. A general perception is spreading that this system offers no future. Indeed, the system we live in - capitalism - is in its death agony. The rulers themselves know of no way to escape this crisis. They load the consequences of the crisis onto the shoulders of the broad majority of the population - the workers and the oppressed.

Apparently nobody can stop them. They are well organised and pursue their plans with vigour because the ruling class is well organised. With the help of their powerful state apparatus, they push through their decisions. In case resistance arises, they mobilise their police, judiciary and media. In addition, they send troops abroad to expand their spheres of influence. Capitalism is – either with or without parliamentary democracy – the dictatorship of a small minority who are the capitalist class.

Since the beginning of the 21st Century we have witnessed heroic revolutions and great resistance movements: the Arab revolution, many general strikes in Europe against the economic and debt crisis, the food riots in many poor countries, the armed resistance in a number of Islamic countries against the occupation forces from the USA, EU and their henchman Israel, the mass uprisings in Thailand against the military, the uprising of the poor in Britain, mass strikes and peasant uprisings in China and India, the mass uprisings in Argentina, Venezuela and other Latin American countries, the liberation struggle of Tamils in Sri Lanka and the global Occupation Movement, etc. .

But the ruling class is still in power and our future is becoming darker. Capitalism offers us only a future without hope - a horror without an end. Either we destroy their power and open the door to a socialist future, or they destroy the foundations of human civilisation. "Socialism or barbarism" - this is the alternative.

Why could we not stop the rulers so far? Because, unlike those in power we – the workers and the oppressed – have no organisation that serves our interests and our future. We have no leadership which is fighting for a programme for our liberation. So far at the top of the unions, of the supposed parties of the working population and of the spontaneous protest movements, there exist only non-revolutionary forces. (For example, Social Democrats, Stalinists, trade union bureaucracies, petty-bourgeois democrats and centrists) Usually they are either highly paid servants of the ruling class, who are always willing to sell out their rank and file basis, or they are well-meaning dreamers who have no programme, no strategy and no plan and who do not understand the necessity of obtaining such an agenda. But that's exactly what is necessary to lead victorious millions into the battle for the liberation of the working class and the oppressed.

The ultimate, most-important, problem is the lack of an organised vanguard, which can lead the liberation struggle of the working class to the overthrow of capitalism and the conquest of power. Such a leadership can only be a revolutionary combat party of the workers which is well-rooted in a number of countries and internationally united.

The key to liberation is therefore the immediate building of such an organisation. Such a formation process does not "happen", but rather it is made. It is made by us, through our contribution and through your contribution. Every small activity that serves the creation of a revolutionary vanguard party is important.

The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) is an international organisation that fights for the worldwide destruction of capitalist slavery. Our goal is to build a revolutionary vanguard party on the basis of a programme that is appropriate for the tasks of the struggle.

Our programme shows, therefore, the way out of the misery into which capitalism, in its death agony harms humanity. It is neither directed at the politicians of the bourgeois system, nor the bureaucrats in the labour movement, who serve them. Our programme is aimed rather at those who can turn the world upside down and open the door to the freedom of humanity.

It is our class, we as workers, youth, women, and migrants: it is up to US whether we are finishing off this system and win for ourselves a future worth living. WE decide whether we remain slaves of the capitalist class or if we can throw off our chains! We decide whether we can build a revolutionary vanguard party on time or if the doomed capitalist class draws us into the abyss. If you do not want to stand aside in this struggle, then you should decide yourself to participate in the revolutionary struggle for liberation, then you should decide yourself to participate in the construction of the revolutionary vanguard party - dedicate yourself to the RCIT! The RCIT is THE international organization that knows the path of revolution without hesitation, without any deviation from it and which is willing to take it to an end. Join us!

No future without socialism!


No socialism without a revolution!


No revolution without a revolutionary party!



Chapter 1: The world we live in