No division – Joint fight, regardless of nation, and location!


In the world of capitalist globalisation multinational corporations play an enormous role. They control more than half of production. Not only does the trade of goods increase enormously, but also the emergence of international production chains. Thus, for example 80% of all industrial imports of U.S. are intermediate goods.

The management of multinational corporations often try to pit workers at the various sites against each other. One must answer to this with a joint struggle and a joint plan to defend all jobs and at the same wages. Our goal is not the destruction of the multinational corporations along the lines of nation-state, which is why the slogan of nationalisation has only limited significance. The aim should rather be taking over those companies by the workers, so they can continue the production in the framework of an international economic plan.

At the same time, migration is growing dramatically and so does the proportion of migrants amongst the workers. These results in the capitalists doing everything they can to divide the workers of different national origins against each other. The trade union bureaucracy, which is closely linked with the capitalists and usually represents only the interests of the most privileged workers helps them here often, as do several centrist groups in tow of the bureaucracy. A famous example for this is the chauvinist strike in Britain in the spring of 2009 under the slogan "British Jobs for British Workers" (supported by CWI, IMT, etc.!).

The Bolsheviks-Communists advocate that the workers across all borders and all national differences don’t turn against each other, but fight for equal rights, equal access to employment and to fight for joint control over the corporations.

* Instead of divisions – joint struggle of workers in different locations in multinational corporations! For joint, transnational collective bargaining of trade unions within a multinational corporation! Equal pay for equal work in multinational corporations – raising the salary to the top level! Joint workers organisations in multinational companies! For joint workers' control over the corporation!

* No to outsourcing and relocation without the consent of the workers! Instead of the conflict between wage labourers of different nationalities about the same job: Equal pay and division of labour on our hands! Full alignment of the collective agreements and employment rights for employees of subcontractors to the level of the general contractor!

* Joint struggle of the unions across the nation-state boundaries for an increase in the working and living conditions!



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