No more tax breaks for the rich! Expropriate the super rich!


While the vast majority of the population is getting poorer while dealing with an ever larger share of the tax burden, the rich and super-rich accumulate an ever more luxury wealth. These families – related with the state apparatus by numerous channels of corruption – determine directly or indirectly the affairs of the countries. Whether it is the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Murdochs, Berlusconis or the royal families in the Gulf states - they are all parasites on the prosperity made by the workers. A handful of the richest among the superrich - 147 billionaires - owns more than the aggregate income of half of humanity. If one would seize their assets, as one might delete at a stroke the problem of hunger in the world.

* Abolition of all indirect taxes such as VAT!

* Massive reduction in taxes on wages! Drastic increase in taxes on profits and speculation! Elimination of tax loopholes for businesses! Immediate recovery of outstanding tax debts of the companies!

* For the confiscation of property of the powerful and influential families and their utilisation in the context of a national economic plan! For the expropriation of the super rich!

* Nationalisation of banks, large corporations and in wholesale trade and transport, social, health, education and communication areas, without compensation under workers' control!

*Stop the tax evasion of capitalists by moving their wealth to other countries! Complete expropriation of all companies associated with fake companies! Abolish all opportunities for multinational corporations, to move their profits and losses within the business group across countries for the purpose of tax benefits!

* Confiscation of capital in the so-called tax havens! Use it to combat environmental degradation, hunger and poverty in the semi-colonial countries!



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