Save our planet from the capitalist climate catastrophe!


In this system the capitalist class subordinates the whole society under their profit interests and thus endangers our future. This is most evident in the global warming and climate change. The reckless use of fossil fuels for the purpose of rapid transportation, the expansion of unsafe nuclear power plants, the clearing of rain forests - all this has the profit interests of monopoly capital as its cause.

In the next 20 years the average temperature will rise, according to various estimates, by up to 4.5 degrees. Already, we see tremendous changes in the constitution of the earth. Ever-larger parts of the polar ice caps melt and the sea level rises. Large parts of countries like Bangladesh, with over 140 million people could soon be flooded. The gruesome death of a quarter of a million people as a result of a tsunami in Southeast Asia, the nuclear reactor disaster in Fukushima, the floods in Pakistan and the tragic fate of New Orleans would then be repeated many times.

The climate disaster is a class issue: the biggest destroyers of the environment are the imperialist states - most notably the USA (it alone produces 25% of all greenhouse gases!), the EU, Japan and, increasingly, the new imperialist superpower China. Britain e.g. produces 10 times as much CO2 per capita as India. On the other hand the poorest 3 billion people worldwide are contributing almost nothing to climate change.

Of course, today even the rulers talk about the need to reverse climate change. But these are phrases. The failure of the Kyoto Protocol, the climate summit in Copenhagen etc. shows that the capitalists and their governments are unable and unwilling to stop climate change.

A particularly cynical measure is the so-called emissions trade, which makes pollution to a business and where the rich countries pay to poor countries to emit more greenhouse gases.

The corporations are investing huge sums in the genetic manipulation of plants. While the use of genetic engineering will be quite useful under the dictatorship of the proletariat, their use poses under the rule of the greedy corporations tremendous dangers with devastating and long-term implications. We therefore reject the application of genetic manipulation in agriculture under capitalism.

Only a radical reversal of the energy and environmental policy can save our planet and our future. But for that we need to overthrow the capitalist class, because their profit motives drive us to destruction.

Only in the context of a world socialist society an economic order can be developed that is orientated not towards the profit of a few, but according to the needs of humanity and where therefore production is sustainable.

Numerous petty-bourgeois environmental organisations and reformist parties address appeals to the capitalist governments to put an end to the destruction of the environment and to take strong measures to reverse climate change. This is a false and dangerous illusion. Through determined global class struggle we can achieve this or that reform. But this is just a drop in the bucket, and as long as the rule of the capitalist class remains, even those reforms will endure only temporarily.

The Bolsheviks-Communists advocate a global mass movement fighting for an international emergency plan to combat climate change. The British trade unionists campaign "One million climate jobs" is one, albeit inadequate, example, which indicates the direction for such a movement. This struggle must be combined with the aim of overthrowing capitalism, because only then can such an emergency plan to be implemented fully and permanently.

* Nationalisation under workers' control of all energy companies and all companies that are responsible for basic supplies such as water, agriculture and airlines, ship and rail facilities!

* For an emergency plan to convert the energy and transport system and for a global phasing out of fossil fuels and nuclear energy production connected to a public employment programme! For the massive exploration and use of alternative forms of energy such as wind, tidal and solar power! For a global reforestation program of the woods! Radical expansion of public transport to push back individual car traffic!

* Prohibition of genetic manipulation and hazardous chemicals in agriculture! Abolition of the hybrid culture system!

* Force the imperialist corporations and states, to pay compensation to the semi-colonial countries for the environmental destruction caused by them! No emissions trade and “ecological points” system!

* Abolition of commercial secrecy in clean technology and energy sectors! Bring together the knowledge for the creation of effective alternatives!



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