Support national liberation struggles of oppressed peoples!


Capitalist exploitation could never be sustained if it would not be supported and strengthened by the rule of a class state and social forms of oppression. National oppression therefore is an important component of the capitalist class rule. It allows the over-exploitation of oppressed peoples, national minorities and migrants, and thus the corruption of the reformist bureaucracy and the uppermost part of the working class. It facilitates the stirring up of chauvinistic prejudices among the relatively better-off nations, and thus the splitting up of the working class and the oppressed.

Real equality is impossible as long as capitalism remains. Our goal is to bring closer and finally the amalgamation of nations to a higher stage of human culture. But this is only possible in the age of communism and the withering away of the classes. To get there, the closest possible internationalist union of the workers and oppressed people of different nations are necessary. This in turn requires that the working class of the oppressor nation gains the trust of their class sisters and brothers by proofing in words and deeds that they are the most consistent fighter against all forms of oppression and discrimination. This will then also allow fighting against prejudice and nationalistic tendencies on all sides. Our goal is the internationalist unity of the working class.

We therefore call for unified revolutionary parties and trade unions, in which the workers and oppressed organise together regardless of their racial and national origin, gender or age. We also support the possibility of these oppressed to organise caucuses/sections within the revolutionary parties and trade unions. And we are in favour of building special revolutionary mass movements of the oppressed. (Women, Youth, Migrants, Black People etc.) These mass movements must play an important role in building of the Fifth Workers International.

National oppression takes place on one hand in the aforementioned oppression and exploitation of the semi-colonial peoples by imperialism. It takes a particularly sharp form in those countries where the imperialist powers do not rule indirectly, but directly and transform these countries into colonies (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq). On the other hand, we see the oppression of national minorities in the states themselves, such as the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Kashmiris in India and Pakistan, the Tibetans and Uyghur in China, the Kurds in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria, the Chechens and other Caucasian peoples in Russia, the Basques in Spain or the Irish in Britain. Similarly, many indigenous peoples – such as Indians in Latin America or the various ethnic minorities in Africa and Asia – are suppressed. The Bolshevik-Communists call for:

* Equal rights and equal pay! Full citizenship rights for all persons belonging to national minorities!

* For a public employment and education programme under the control of representatives of national minorities and the workers movement - paid for by the capitalists profits!

* For the abolition of the official state languages! Equal treatment and equal supply of languages of national minorities in the schools, courts, public administration and in the media!

* For extensive regional autonomy and self-government of regions with specific national composition! Defining the borders of self-governing territories by the local population themselves!

* No to the nationalism of the (petty) bourgeois forces in the oppressed nations! Against the policy of isolation of communities from each other and for the closest possible union of workers of different nationalities!

* For the right to self-determination of oppressed peoples including the right to form their own state, if they wish so! Wherever oppressed people have already clearly stated their desire for a separate state, we support this and combine this with the slogan for a workers 'and peasants' republic. This applies for example for a socialist Tamil Eelam, a united Ireland, a united Kashmir, an independent Kurdistan, Chechnya, Tibet, etc.

* Unconditional support for the liberation struggle – including in its armed form!


A special case is the Palestinian people who have been suppressed and expelled by the Zionist apartheid state of Israel since 1948. The State of Israel is a racist settler state based on the expulsion of the indigenous population and also serves as a watchdog of imperialist great powers. Therefore, the national oppression can only be overcome when the Palestinian refugees are given the full right of return, get their land back or receive proper compensation and if the State of Israel is destroyed.

* For a joint Arab-Jewish workers' and peasants' republic in Palestine, where there are no privileges for the Jewish Israeli population any more.


Up to 12 million people across Europe belong to the ethnic group of Roma and Sinti. Thus, they are the largest ethnic minority in the EU. Their unique story as a group which has for centuries been pursued and more or less excluded from the social production process is making them an ethnic minority in different countries, mainly living in Eastern Europe. Their national development has been hampered by the oppression. They live in extreme poverty and are victims of persecution. It is no wonder that their life expectancy is lower by 10 and in some countries by 15-20 years than the rest of the population. In addition to the demands valid for all national minorities there are particularly important slogans for Roma and Sinti:

* Building of comprehensive, high quality free housing opportunities for poor Roma and all who live in ghettos and slums!

* Down with all restrictions on the movement for Roma! Immediate employment and housing rights in any country!

* For the formation of armed self-defence units in Roma neighbourhoods and camps, organised by the Roma, the labour movement and the progressive sections of the local population!

* Local self-government for areas with a high proportion of Roma! Special consideration to the wishes of the Roma population in defining the borders of self-governing regions! Financial support by the state!

* For a revolutionary movement of the Roma as part of the 5th Workers International! For the right of caucus of Roma in the unions and the organisations of the workers' movement!


Black people form an important minority in several imperialist countries (especially the USA, Britain and France). While in the USA they were brought into the country under the most terrible conditions during the 17th and 18th century and exploited as slaves, most black people in Britain did not come until after the Second World War as migrants from oppressed nations of the British Colonial Empire.

The black people in their struggle against oppression have created a number of organisations and movements. But these remained mostly under a bourgeois or petty-bourgeois leadership. Even the greatest and most heroic movement of the black people in the USA – the Black Panthers – could not overcome the limits of the petty-bourgeois nationalism. The Bolshevik-Communists support the building of a revolutionary movement of the black people and are in favour of the closest possible cooperation with the workers movement.

* For a public employment and education program under the control of representatives of the black community and the workers movement - paid for by the capitalists profits! For a massive building programme of houses!

* An end to the widespread practice of the bourgeois state, to condemn black people and migrants en masse to long prison terms. Roll up of all court cases, in which black people and migrants were convicted, before democratically elected trial by jury, of which at least half of it are members from the national/racial minority of the accused!

* For the formation of armed self-defence units of black people and its support by the entire workers' movement!

* Local self-government of areas with a high proportion of black people! Special consideration to the wishes of the black people in defining the borders of self-governing regions! Financial support by the state!

* For a revolutionary movement of black people as part of the 5th Workers International! For the right of caucus for black people in the unions and the organisations of the workers' movement!



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