The arming of the working class and the oppressed


In class society, all big questions of humanity are solved with violence. Only politically blind (a la centrists like the CWI), conscious cheaters from the ranks of liberal intellectuals or reformist bureaucrats can tell the working class, that the path to liberation by peaceful means is possible. Even entirely peaceful demonstrations like those of Occupy Wall Street movement in the USA or strikes are violently attacked by the police. Moreover, national minorities and progressive activists are constantly exposed to attacks by fascist thugs. And when the question of power is posed, then the ruling class sends its army on the streets – as testified by numerous examples during the Arab revolution, the coup in Honduras in 2009, or the use of state machinery against the workers and guerrillas in India or Pakistan.

Wherever the workers and oppressed are fighting for their rights, they must organise and equip to fight against the government and private thugs of the reaction. Demonstrations, where clashes with the police can be expected, the protection of meetings and party headquarters etc., require the formation of security groups equipped with batons etc. Strikes and occupations - whether of plants, of land or of educational institutions – make the creation of pickets for defence necessary. Such security groups and pickets can lay the foundation for building a workers' and people's militia. For without such an armed militia the proletariat and the oppressed will never successfully struggle for power. Because the power can only be conquered by the armed insurrection and it can be defended only by the successful civil war against the capitalist class.

The road to the building of workers' militias, however, requires not only organizational steps. It requires above all a political preparation through propaganda and education. Because the bourgeois ruling apparatus and its reformist and centrist henchmen in the ranks of the labour movement have lulled over the years and decades the oppressed with the sweet propaganda of the peaceful road. The Bolshevik-Communists, therefore, advocate an uncompromising struggle against the pernicious pacifism. The working class must make the slogan of the Communist International as its own: "Class against Class, Violence against Violence"



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