The land to the peasants! Organise the agricultural workers!


Capitalism means misery not just for the urban but also for the rural population. 85% of the world's 450 million farms are operated by small farmers with less than 2 hectares of land. Additionally, there are 800 million people engaged in agriculture in urban areas (of which 150-200 million are full-time peasants), 410 million people who live and work in the forests and savannas, 190 million shepherds and over 100 million fishermen. In addition there are hundreds of millions of landless peasants and rural workers.

The survival of poor and landless peasants is increasingly threatened by greedy big business which enriches itself at the expense of peasants in the decaying capitalism more and more. The unequal distribution of land was and is extreme: for example in Brazil 26.000 landowners possess 50% of agricultural land. Large parts of their lands are not or poorly utilised for agriculture. At the same time there are 12 million landless peasants.

The oppression of women is reflected in agriculture that despite the fact that they constitute nearly half of the workforce, but they posses only about 5% of the soil.

The peasants suffer not only from the greed of the landowners. They are also the victims of market economy dominated by monopoly capital and the finance capitalists. The extreme price volatility hits the peasants as hard as the conversion of agriculture to monocultures enforced by the corporations. 70 countries are no longer in a position to produce the necessary amount of food for their own population. Furthermore the banks enrich themselves by the debt trap, in which most of the peasants are caught. Add to this the rapid buying up of huge tracts of land by corporations and investment funds, often for purely speculative purposes. In the years 2008 and 2009 alone worldwide 80 million hectares of land in the semi-colonial countries were bought by investors.

The struggle for the liberation of the poor peasants must be directed primarily against the big landlords, banks and monopoly capital. It is, therefore, a struggle that has to be conducted internationally and must be directed against the foundations of capitalism. The poor peasantry must, therefore, in their own fundamental interest enter the road to socialism together with and under the leadership of the working class.

An important slogan is the struggle for breaking the rule of landlords, banks and monopoly capital and, ultimately, their expropriation. The land must be distributed to the poor and landless farmers. At the same time we are fighting for a radical and lasting transformation of agriculture - away from the depletion by monocultures dictated purely by corporations and export-orientation and toward a diversified and sustainable agriculture. The increased utilisation of agriculture in urban areas is desirable in principle as it removes the rigid separation of town and country. But only if it is not a desperate means of survival of the urban poor, but develops in the context of a comprehensive plan of distribution of economic resources and with massive support from the state. Our goal is to eliminate the separation of town and country - as it is desired in concepts such as the garden city.

The class struggle in the country-side requires that militant and revolutionary organisations of the poor and landless peasants are built, which should seek a close alliance with the working class.

Especially important is the independent organisation of agricultural workers. These can play a vanguard role in the fight on the country-side, if they lead the class struggle against the big land and plantation owners consistently. An example would be the Tamil plantation workers in Sri Lanka.

* Immediate ban on the purchase of land by multinational corporations and hedge funds! Immediate confiscation of all non-agricultural used land owned by large landowners! Abolition of all patents of capitalist monopolies in agriculture!

* For the expropriation of the big landlords, the church and the multinationals! For the nationalisation of the land under the control of workers and poor peasants! The land to those who cultivate it! The local democratic actions council representatives of the poor and landless peasants have to decide the question of the allocation and use of the land! Promotion of voluntary agricultural cooperatives and the formation of larger state production units!

* Debt cancellation and abolition of rent for the peasants! Nationalisation of the banks! Interest-free loans for small peasants!

* For a radical change of direction in the agricultural economy. Away from the monoculture! For sustainable cultivation methods in agriculture! As much international transport of agricultural product as necessary to supply the world's population as necessary and as much supplies of agricultural goods on the spot as possible!



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