Manifesto for Revolutionary Liberation: Chapter II. Today’s Worldwide Historic Revolutionary Period



Due to the decay of the productive forces of capitalism and, consequently, the system’s economic, social and political viability, today’s world is pregnant with major explosions – economic crashes, major wars, climatic catastrophes, and political revolutions.


It is because of the inherently contradictory dynamic of increased concentration of capital accumulation and the decreased rate of profit from capitalist production that, in lieu of non-existing major productive channels for investment, the bourgeoisie has for decades been forced to defend and augment its accumulated capital and future profits by two main means: (1) the increased financialization of the world economy (creating one investment bubble – “wealth on paper” – after another) and (2) relentlessly attacking the working class with one austerity package after another. Naturally the two are inextricably linked, as we witness whenever the latest financial bubble bursts. This was in particular obvious when in 2008 the potential collapse of the great Western banks was only averted by the unprecedented criminal transfer of workers’ taxes by the bourgeois governments to the financial wizards of Wall Street. When the treasuries of the capitalist states are looted to save the criminal bankers, the working class faces huge cuts in government spending on health, education, housing, and social welfare.


Due to the very same decreased rate of profit, the imperialist bourgeoisie increasingly and relentlessly needs to strangle the semi-colonial countries of the South, siphoning off more and more of the profits produced there to its own coffers via economic concessions granted by puppet governments and “benevolent” interest-bearing loans which these pillaged countries find impossible to pay back. This ongoing robbery from the countries of the South in turn obliges each of the imperialist nations to make its presence felt, leading to the waging of more and more military interventions and occupations (in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Mali, etc.), thereby shoring up its control of one or other of these “peripheral” countries.


And it is precisely for this reason that the rivalry between the imperialist Great Powers is exacerbating, since they all have to compete against one another to gain a larger share of the relatively decreasing global capitalist wealth. The result is the increased conflict we witness today, for example, between the US and the EU against Russia over the Ukraine or Syria, or between the US and Japan against China in East-Asia.


None of these contradictions can be solved within the limitations of the capitalist system. Crisis, depression and wars will accelerate more and more if the working class does not smash the capitalist system.


If the imperialist Great Powers are not stopped in time, their rivalry will lead to a Third World War. The working class can only end this continuous chain of misery, wars and catastrophes via a world socialist revolution. Rosa Luxemburg’s statement that humanity is faced with the alternative “Socialism or Barbarism” is more relevant today than ever. Under the conditions of the early 21st century, the concretization of Luxemburg’s statement means: “Socialism or Widespread Death through Climate Destruction and World War III”!


This is why the RCIT, as it has already stated in its Program of 2012, characterizes the present historic period of capitalist decay as a long-term revolutionary period (which could last for many years or even decades). Capitalism’s decay constantly provokes economic crises, political instability and the incessant danger of war and in doing so continually generates revolutionary situations, as well as counterrevolutionary dangers. Historic events like the breakdown of the world economy in conjunction with a major political and military crisis between the Great Powers or a popular uprising in China could inaugurate a worldwide revolutionary situation. The RCIT calls the working class vanguard to prepare itself for such a period replete with revolutionary convulsions.