Manifesto for Revolutionary Liberation: Chapter IX. The Old Imperialist Great Powers: the EU, North America and Japan



Since the end of the Second World War, the US has been the absolute dominant power among the imperialist states. The emergence of China and Russia has ended this period, even though the US still relatively remains the strongest power. The decline of the US has provoked, on one hand, in a rise in ultra-reactionary, racist and belligerent wings of the bourgeoisie with significant support among the middle class (e.g., Tea Party movement, Donald Trump) and, on the other hand, an upsurge in the class struggle (e.g., Verizon strike, Black Live Matters movement).


The government of Shinzō Abe reflects the determination of the Japanese ruling class to advance domestic reforms against the working class and to overthrow the “pacifist” constitution and to transform Japan into an aggressive military Great Power.


The working class in Europe is faced with a reactionary offensive by its ruling class. Its governments combine a continuation of their vicious austerity offensive with increasing chauvinism against migrants (especially Muslims) and the establishment of anti-democratic police states along with increasing military adventures abroad (mainly in North Africa and the Middle East). The acceleration of the capitalist contradictions intensify two trends: on one hand the subjugation of semi-colonial European countries (e.g., Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and Eastern Europe) under the diktat of the leading Great Powers of the EU (Germany, France); on the other hand the conflict between those sectors of the European imperialist bourgeoisie which strive towards the formation of a pan-European imperialist super-state and those which opt for an “independent” imperialist nation state (e.g. the BREXIT referendum in Britain).


The crucial tasks for revolutionaries in the coming period are:


* To fight against austerity offensives as well as the chauvinism and militarism of their own imperialist ruling class;


* To support the struggle of semi-colonial countries like Greece to leave the EU; no support for the EU nor for an independent imperialist national state – abstention in any referendum in imperialist states on the issue of remaining or leaving the EU; for the United Socialist States of Europe!


* Fight against the reformist parties – for new Workers’ Parties!