Manifesto for Revolutionary Liberation: Chapter VIII. The Emerging Imperialist Great Powers of the East: China and Russia




The emergence of China and Russia as new imperialist Great Powers are among the most important political developments of world politics since the collapse of Stalinism in 1989-91. As new Great Powers, the respective ruling classes of these countries are obliged to challenge the world order dominated by the old imperialist masters – the US, EU and Japan. This rivalry inevitably results in increased tensions and eventually, if the socialist revolution does not stop the warmongers in advance, a Third World War. One of the key factors for the rise of China and Russia has been the existence of a stable dictatorship (in China) or semi-dictatorship (in Russia) which ensures the successful exploitation of the domestic working class, the dissemination of unhindered chauvinist propaganda and the suppression of any popular resistance (workers’ strikes, peasant protests, national uprisings).


However, China and Russia cannot escape the accelerating contradictions of capitalism as we already witnessed in the 2015 stock market crashes in China. Sooner or later the intensifying subterranean contradictions will provoke social and political explosions. Indeed, one of the most important events, if not the most important, of the global class struggle in the next years might be the outbreak of the Chinese Revolution.


The crucial tasks for revolutionaries in the coming period are:


* To fight against the chauvinism and militarism of their own imperialist ruling class;


* To support struggles for economic as well as democratic demands and to relate them to the struggle for working class power.