Manifesto for Revolutionary Liberation: Introduction


The world we are living in is in turmoil. Capitalism has entered a period of never-ending crisis. In fact, it is decaying. Climate change, long denied by the big corporations and their puppet governments, is endangering increasingly larger sectors of humanity. The ruling class around the globe is relentlessly accelerating its attacks on the workers and poor. The imperialist Great Powers of West and East, whose mutual rivalry is steadily intensifying, are terrorizing the peoples of the semi-colonial world both militarily as well as economically by means of super-exploitation. The oppressed are initiating mass struggles to revolt against this situation again and again, even to the extent of waging armed uprisings and civil wars. But they are being betrayed by their leaderships, who are either selling out the just struggle being waged in exchange for some governmental posts or, if not corrupt, lack a valid program to overthrow the greedy rulers.

The coming years will be increasingly marked by a reactionary offensive of the ruling class, but also by mass struggles of the workers and oppressed. This is the time for every person to decide. All who don’t want to stand by in indifference; everyone who wants to change the fate of the oppressed, should join the struggle. But he or she should join the struggle not like some blind daredevil, but with a plan, a program and as part of a collective.

The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) calls upon all revolutionaries to rally under the banner of authentic Marxism. We want to unite with all who can identify with the program presented here and who are willing to seriously dedicate their lives to the liberation struggle of the working class and the oppressed. We have no time to loose. We have everything to win. Our struggle against the ruling class will neither be easy nor short-term. It will take years and it will demand great sacrifices from us all. But can there be a higher purpose for one’s life than dedicating it to the struggle for universal emancipation; to save the future of humanity?!

We are only too well aware that the most important feature of the present period is the tremendous gap between, on the one hand, the intensifying class struggle as well as the objective urgency of overthrowing capitalism and, on the other, the currently relatively small number of revolutionary forces. This, however, is no reason to despair, but rather should augment and strengthen our commitment and duty to unite all authentic revolutionaries on the basis of a serious program and perspective and to found a revolutionary world party.

The RCIT is issuing this Manifesto in order to present a platform by means of which all revolutionaries can unite and intervene in the class struggles in the period before us. This Manifesto constitutes a reconfirmation, continuation and actualization of the RCIT’s Program (The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto), published in 2012, while taking into account the important lessons and experiences of the world class struggle during the last four years.