The RCIT holds its First World Congress

Report from the International Secretariat of the RCIT, 03.11.2016,




The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) is proud to announce that it held its first World Congress on the weekend 29/30 October 2016. The delegates represented their sections and activists from the following countries Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Turkey, Yemen, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Britain, Germany and Austria, thus truly an internationalist organization.


The key component of the congress was the discussion, amendment and adoption of a new Manifesto to aid the class struggle internationally. Our document constitutes a reconfirmation, continuation and actualization of the RCIT’s Program (The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto), published in 2012, while taking into account the important lessons and experiences of the world class struggle during the last four years.


Furthermore, our delegates discussed, amended and adopted a document on Women’s Liberation and another on the organizational perspectives of the RCIT for 2017. As part of our perspectives, our delegates approved the proposal of the outgoing International Executive Committee to organize a longer and extensive second World Congress in late 2017.


Our congress was also proud to officially admit Sınıf Savaşı (formerly named Dördüncü Blok) as the new section of the RCIT in Turkey. In addition, our delegates also confirmed the statutes which had been elaborated and provisionally adopted by the outgoing International Executive Committee. We concluded our congress with the election a new International Executive Committee which, in its first meeting at the end of the Congress, elected a new International Secretariat.


The RCIT’s First World Congress concluded a very successful period of political and organizational progress of our international organization. From only having a handful of cadres in 2011 in one country, we have witnessed how a consistent effort over the past five years can develop a democratic-centralist organization that has sections and activists in 13 countries in all continents today! We have every reason to look with full optimism to the coming period in which we are sure our Tendency will aid the construction of a new Revolutionary World Party together with other comrades!