RCIT Representatives Attend International Symposium for the Ahvaz People

Freedom, Equality and Peace for Ahvaz!


Report (with Pictures and Video) from the RKO BEFREIUNG (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 13th February 2017, www.rkob.net


The Ahvaz Community organized on 10 February a symposium in Vienna about the living conditions of its people, about the political situation in Iran, and the importance of the struggle for equal rights and freedom. The Arabic speaking Ahvaz people are one of many minorities in Iran which are oppressed by the Iranian regime both with regard to their democratic rights as well as their being driven into poverty and miserable living conditions.


Michael Pröbsting, the International Secretary of the RCIT, was invited by the organizers to attend the symposium as one of the speakers. In his speech (given in English), comrade Pröbsting highlighted the importance of international solidarity of workers and all the oppressed with the cause of the Ahvaz people. He attacked the Iranian regime as a capitalist dictatorship and warned against the policies of any of the imperialist Great Powers.


Several other speakers of differing political views, as well as journalists, also contributed as speakers in the symposium, and a lively political discussion was held on the general development of the Arab revolutions.


We in the Austrian section of the RCIT have been collaborating in practice with the Ahwaz community in Austria for more than a year. We are in complete solidarity with the cause of the Arabic speaking people of the Ahvaz in their struggle for full equality, freedom and peace, and we support their right of national self-determination. However, our support is part of a broader revolutionary strategy. Hence, we combine the support for the national rights of the Ahvaz people with a perspective of socialist revolution and reject placing any hopes in a constructive role that might be played by the United Nations or similar institutions.


The symposium on 10 February strengthened our collaboration with the Ahvaz community, and in particular it initiated further discussions on political perspectives that are not limited to the cause of our Ahvaz brothers and sisters, but which emphasize positions common to all workers and oppressed in the Arab world.


Freedom, Peace, Equality for the Arab people of the Ahvaz! Long live international solidarity!


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