Announcement of Collaboration between the RCIT and the "Movement Towards Socialism" (Russia)

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 19.2.2014,


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) has started collaboration with the движение к социализму (Movement Towards Socialism, MAS)in Russia. Together we want to advance the struggle for a new World Party of Socialist Revolution – the revolutionary Fifth Workers International.

The website of MAS is

We are glad to expand – jointly with MAS – the RCIT’s efforts to spread revolutionary ideas and build a revolutionary organization in Russia, a major country of the international class struggle. For communists it is especially important to be able to reach workers and youth in the former heartland of the world revolution, the country which first saw a successful working class revolution in 1917 led by the Bolshevik revolutionaries, Lenin and Trotsky. Stalinism impelled the degeneration of the Russian Revolution and finally led the country to collapse in 1991. Stalinism’s horrible legacy makes the struggle for authentic communism even more urgent today!

In doing so, the RCIT continues the revolutionary tradition of the LRCI/LFI before its centrist degeneration in 2011. We also continue the revolutionary positions which were defended by the revolutionary LRCI/LFI forces in Russia around the journal Rabochaya Vlast in the early 1990s and by MASduring recent years.

The collaboration between the RCIT and MAS is built on our joint assessment of Russia as an imperialist power, ruled by the bourgeois-bonapartist regime led by Vladimir Putin. Our strategic task is to found a new Bolshevik party which can lead the working class towards a socialist revolution. This is the only road to liberate the working class and the oppressed. We support the struggle of the oppressed nations in Caucasus and other areas for national self-determination, as well as the fight for the rights of the migrants. We denounce the reactionary bigotry offensive of the Russian regime against homosexuals and other oppressed groups. We support the struggle for democratic rights, while denouncing the bourgeois forces that have been at the head of the protest movements against Putin in recent years. The struggle of the revolutionary Trotskyists in Russia against their “own” imperialist ruling class – like the struggle of all revolutionaries against “their” imperialist rulers – is an essential part of the international task of building the Fifth Workers’ International on a revolutionary basis.

In the Ukraine we are already witnessing the efforts of both Russian and EU imperialism to intervene in the country’s political life in order to subjugate the Ukrainian people to their control. Authentic revolutionaries must not give any support either to the bourgeois government of President Viktor Yanukovych (to which the Stalinist KPU allies itself) or to the right-wing and fascist-led opposition movement. The task is to build an independent pole for the working class fighting for a Ukrainian workers’ republic!

We see the collaboration between the RCIT and MAS as an important contribution to advance the struggle for the revolutionary Fifth Workers’ International. Such a joint effort is of particular urgency given the explosive character of the present historic period. This period, which began in 2008, has a revolutionary character, i.e., the contradictions and the struggles between the capitalists and the working class, between the imperialist states and the semi-colonial people, as well as the rivalry between the Great Powers are so acute that they will repeatedly lead to wars and (pre-)revolutionary situations. In such a historic period, it is of particular urgency to build a stronger, united international revolutionary combat organization which orientates itself to the new, militant, and growing layers of the working class, instead of to the old, agonizing sectors of the reformist or centrist left and their basis, the petty-bourgeois intelligentsia and the labor aristocracy. Forward to the revolutionary Fifth Workers International! Join the RCIT!