Austria: Successful demonstration against Planned Fascist March

Report (with Photos and Videos) of the Austrian RCIT-Section, 6.6.2014,


On June 4, 1,500 anti-fascists demonstrated against a planned march of a right-wing student group. The Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (Austrian section of the RCIT) and the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION were amongst the organizing forces.

The demonstration succeeded in limiting the planned right wing march to an indoor meeting.

Michael Pröbsting, spokesman for the RKO (LIBERATION), made a short speech at the starting rally of the demonstration. He emphasized that antifascists must not put any confidence in the bourgeois state in their struggle against the Nazis. He stressed that the Nazis can only be defeated by militant mass mobilizations on the streets.

During the demonstration the sizeable contingent of RKO (LIBERATION) and RED*REVOLUTION stood out with a militant spirit and a high level of discipline.

We sold a number of our newspapers and distributed 1.000 flyers, in which we denounced the brutal arrest of our 16-year-old comrade Clemens by the Viennese police and the threat of charges of "aggravated assault" against him. As we reported recently, comrade Clemens was arrested during the anti-fascist demonstration on May 17 when the police brutally protected a march of Nazis.

We say:

* Anti-fascism is not a crime!

* Smash the fascist organizations!

* Solidarity with all those who are victims of repression and police violence like our comrade Clemens!


Photos and videos of the demonstration can be found at on the RKOB Homepage at


You can also view a video report about the demonstration by LabourNet Austria. you can see extracts from the speech of Michael Pröbsting (starting at minute 0:43) and of our contingent (starting at minute 9:10)