Austria: Public Meeting on Crisis and War in Europe

Report (with Photos and Audio-Files) of the Austrian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 28.6.2014,


On June 18, a panel discussion with Winfried Wolf and Michael Pröbsting on "Europe - Crisis and War" took place. Winfried Wolf is a former member of parliament of the LINKSPARTEI in Germany, author of numerous books and editor of the journal Lunapark21. Michael Pröbsting is the International Secretary of the RCIT and has recently published the book The Great Robbery of the South in English and German language as well as a study on Russia as an imperialist power. The discussion focused on the perspectives of the EU as an imperialist alliance and the recent events in the Ukraine.

The event was moderated by Stefan Kraft from the publishing house ProMedia. There were not only interesting introductions from Wolf and Pröbsting but also a lively discussion by many contributions from the audience. In addition to a well-attended buffet table there was also a guessing game with a subsequent award ceremony to the winner. All in all an interesting and amusing evening!


You can view pictures of the event and download the two introductions of Pröbsting and Wolf here: