Report (with Pictures and Videos) on MayDay 2014 in Austria

RKOB (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 2.5.2014,


About 1.000 people joined the internationalist MayDay demonstration in Vienna. We organized this demonstration for the tenth time since 2005. In addition to the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (RKOB) and the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION, a number of other Stalinist, Centrist and Maoist organizations of Austrian, Turkish, Kurdish, Iranian and Latin American origin participated in the demonstration.

The militant contingent of RKOB and RED*REVOLUTION was characterized by a high level of organization and fighting spirit – as one can see from the numerous pictures (see link below). Our contingent had three banners. The banner of RED*REVOLUTION read “Against Exploitation, Unemployment, War, Oppression and Racism! For socialism through Revolution!”. One RKOB banner showed the heads of the most important Marxist leaders and read: “Marx, Engels, Luxemburg, Lenin, Trotsky: In their spirit we will fight and win!”. And another RKOB banner read “For a World without Exploitation, Oppression and Imperialism!

The size of our contingent reflected the growth of our organization through its active and initiative role in important movements in the recent past – in particular the school student movement against cuts in education and the protest of migrants against the military dictatorship in Egypt.

Johannes Wiener and Rebecca Stauder, spokespersons of the RKOB, declared in their speech our solidarity with the freedom fighters against dictatorship and occupation forces in Egypt, Syria, Kurdistan and Palestine. They also stressed the need to fight against imperialism and exploitation and for a socialist future.

Elias and Paulina, representatives of the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION, expressed in their speech our opposition against attacks on labor rights and cuts in education. They emphasized the need to fight against the super-rich and for equality of migrants.

Both speeches as well as pictures of our contingent can be viewed on the RKOB website at:

Our contingent also attracted the attention of bourgeois media. The Austrian daily paper DER STANDARD published two pictures of our contingent: