Austria: Founding Conference of a new Workers Organization

Report (with pictures and videos) from the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 11.11.2014, and


On 9 November 35 activists came together in the Viennese centre of the Austrian RCIT section to found a new workers organization called ROTER WIDERSTAND (which means RED RESISTANCE in German language). The conference discussed and adopted a founding declaration and elected a leadership.

The conference was moderated by Johannes Wiener and Marko Nikolić. Marko Nikolić, a Serbian migrant, was a member of the social democratic youth for many years and recently joined the RKOB. (1). Greetings were delivered by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, as well as Marc Hangler, spokesperson of the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION. After the conference, the activists hold a short rally at a populous square where Nina Gunić und Johannes Wiener gave two speeches.

ROTER WIDERSTAND has been founded as a result of the joint initiative of the Austrian RCIT section and a group of activists coming from the biggest and most proletarian branch of the social democratic youth in Vienna. These activists have become disillusioned about the thoroughly reformist and anti-working class policy of the social democracy and the bureaucratic and corrupt atmosphere in its youth organization.

In the weeks before the official foundation conference, activists discussed and adopted a declaration of principles as well as statements on fascism and collective bargaining conflict of the metal workers. (2)

ROTER WIDERSTAND is – like RED*REVOLUTION – affiliated to the Austrian RCIT section and stands of revolutionary principles. Nearly all its members are workers and it has a very multi-national background with activists coming from Austria, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Hungary and Germany.

In the next months ROTER WIDERSTAND will participate together with RED*REVOLUTION and the Austrian RCIT section in struggles against social attacks and racism.

We are glad to note a second step forward in building a strong revolutionary organization in the past 12 months. After the school student strikes in December 2013 against attacks on education where our youth organization experienced a breakthrough both in numbers and experience, the foundation of ROTER WIDERSTAND represents another important success in rallying (mostly young) workers to the cause of revolutionary communism.



(1) See the interview with Marko Nikolić at

(2) The foundation declaration as well as other statements of ROTER WIDERSTAND in German language can be found on its new website

Photos and videos of the conference as well as the rally can be viewed