Austria: Solidarity Campaign with Muslim Migrants Attracts Wide Attention

by the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 10.2.2015,


As we recently reported, the Austrian section of the RCIT is deeply involved in a solidarity campaign with Muslim migrants in this country and throughout Europe who are facing a huge wave of Islamophobic racism. (1) Our campaign, “Equal Rights for Muslims,” involves activities which target the many forms of discrimination against Muslim migrants in Austria.

Equal Rights for Muslims” has gained much renown, having become very popular among Muslim migrants themselves as well as among many progressive Austrian workers and youth. As we have previously reported, this popularity led to a situation in which the umbrella organization of the Muslim migrant associations nominated our comrade, Michael Pröbsting – International Secretary of the RCIT, as one of their two speakers at a recent mass demonstration against racism. While the left-reformist and centrist bureaucrats repeatedly tried to block Pröbsting from speaking by any means available, ultimately they had to give in and allow him to be among the speakers. (2)

One of the solidarity actions of our “Equal Rights for Muslims” campaign has become particularly well known. Comrades of the Austrian section – among them Marek Hangler, one the section’s leaders and the organizer of our campaign – visited a mosque which had been vandalized by local Nazis who desecrated the place by graffitying swastikas on it. Our comrades were warmly welcomed and helped the Muslim brothers and sisters remove the swastikas. This action was widely reported. In fact, the Turkish Radio and TV-Station TRT (which is the Turkish equivalent of the BBC in Britain) published a report with excerpts from an interview they conducted with Marek Hangler. (3)

In addition, KURIER, one of the large daily papers in Austria, also dedicated an entire article to Marek Hangler and our other comrades’ action. (4)

All this publicity is a clear sign that our solidarity campaign addresses a central issue of the current political situation: the ongoing imperialist offensive against the popular masses in the Middle East and against the Muslim migrants in Europe aimed at increasing the super-profits from their exploitation. (5)


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