Austria: Main Right-Wing Party stirs up hatred against RED*REVOLUTION

Report from RKO BEFREIUNG (Austrian RCIT section) and the Youth Organization RED*REVOLUTION, 27.09.2014, www.redrevolution.atand


As we reported recently, activists from the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION were engaged in a campaign against the nomination of Maximilian Krauss from the right-wing populist party FPÖ to become the deputy minister for the department for schools in the Viennese government. Krauss is even inside his party an extreme racist and calls for “foreigners-only” classes in schools in order to separate migrants from Austrian school students! The FPÖ got 20.5% at the last national elections in 2013 and is the biggest opposition party. It is the leading force in the current polls.

Amongst the numerous activities of the RED*REVOLUTION comrades was a protest event with Piñatas. A number of school students from one school went to a park in a break and hit several Piñatas which had the face of Krauss on it. After a video of this action was posted on RED*REVOLUTION TV, it became pretty popular and got already 6.200 hits. (See

HC Strache, the leader of the FPÖ, expressed his outrage over this action of RED*REVOLUTION on his Facebook site. (See In addition one of the biggest dailies in Vienna, HEUTE, published an article on our action in its issue of 19 September. (See,1071970) On 23 September Strache issued a video in which he called the social democratic mayor of Vienna, Michael Häupl, to publicly dissociate himself from RED REVOLUTION and our activities against the racist Krauss. (See as well as Häupl refused to accept Krauss as a deputy minister for the department for schools in the Viennese government.

Characteristically, Strache, Krauss and the FPÖ also accuse the RKO BEFREIUNG and RED*REVOLUTION of “Anti-Semitism” because we protested against the prominent presence of the war-mongering Zionist group Hashomer Hatzair at the demonstration against Krauss on 18 September. Similarly to various pro-Zionist “left-wing” groups – like the social democratic as well as the Communist Party’s youth group – the FPÖ supports Israel and its wars against the Palestinian people. (See RKO BEFREIUNG: Austria: Cliffites and “left” social democrats invite war-mongering Zionists to anti-racist demonstration! 21.9.2014,

These recent developments underline once more that RED*REVOLUTION and its activities have a growing impact amongst youth in Vienna and provoke the hatred of our right-wing enemies. It also shows how shameful it is that the Cliffites invited the Zionist Hashomer Hatzair to an anti-racist demonstration and that pro-Zionist “left-wing” groups share the reactionary slander of the FPÖ against us. The RKO BEFREIUNG and RED*REVOLUTION will continue their communist struggle against imperialism, racism and for solidarity with the liberation struggle of the Palestinian as well as all oppressed people.