Successful Meeting on Book Launch of German Translation of “The Great Robbery of the South”

Report with Photos and Videos from the RKOB (RCIT Section in Austria), 12.4.2014, and


More than 50 people participated in a meeting in Vienna where the German translation of Michael Pröbsting’s book “The Great Robbery of the South” was presented. In addition to the author, Rami Ali (chairman of the „Egyptian-Austrian Youth“) and Hermann Dworczak (a long-time militant of the “Fourth International” of the late Ernest Mandel) spoke from the platform. The meeting was chaired by Hannes Hofbauer from the publishing house Promedia, which published the book.

Michael Pröbsting, who is also the International Secretary of the RCIT, summarized in his introduction the main ideas of his book. He showed the increasing control of the world economy by a small group of imperialist monopolies. He also emphasized the shift of capitalist value production and the international working class to the South. Finally, he elaborated the various forms of imperialist super-exploitation of the semi-colonial world.

After a lively discussion the meeting closed and participants joined the buffet which was prepared by comrades from the RKOB und the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION.

Another meeting about the book will take place in Vienna on 17 May.


You can view photos and videos from the meeting at


You can order the German translation of “The Great Robbery of the South” either via the RCIT or the Promedia publishing house. The book costs 17,90,- Euro. and


The original English version of the “The Great Robbery of the South” can be ordered via and It costs 15 Euro / 20 US-Dollars / 13 British Pound) plus delivery charges.