Joint Call for an International Day of Action on 20 June 2016

Open Europe’s Borders for Refugees! Solidarity with the Arab Revolution!


We, the undersigned organizations, call for a joint international day of action on 20 June – World Refugee Day. Together we express our unconditional solidarity with the refugees who have been forced to flee their homelands as a result of the devastating consequences of brutal dictatorships, multi-national corporations, and Great Powers aggression. On World Refugee Day we reiterate our dedication to:


* Fight against chauvinism and militarism in Europe! Open the borders to refugees! Lift the state of emergency in France! No deployment of national armies on European streets! Defend Muslim migrants against Islamophobic racism! No to the criminalization of pro-Palestine solidarity activists! For a united front of mass organizations of the workers’ and migrants’ movements to drive racist and fascist forces from the streets!


* Equal rights for migrants! Equal wages and full citizenship rights! Equality for migrants and national minorities’ languages in education and public administration! For a public works program with jobs for all refugees and all unemployed native workers! Native workers and migrants – fight together against your common enemy: the ruling class in the EU and Russia and the dictatorships in the Middle East and Africa!


Similarly we reiterate our solidarity with the Arab Revolution:


* Defend the Arab Revolution against its foreign and domestic enemies! Down with the reactionary regimes in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, the Gulf monarchies, and Tunisia! Defend Yemen against the Saudi Aggression! Smash the imperialist Apartheid State of Israel – Victory to the Palestinian Resistance! For the Kurdish people’s right to national self-determination! Down with the reactionary Daesh!


* Down with imperialist aggression and war! In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Mali, and Somalia: Defeat the imperialist NATO and Russian forces and their local allies! We are on the side of those resisting the imperialist invaders, but give no political support to nationalist or Islamist forces!


We view this joint international campaign as a step towards the urgent need for authentic revolutionaries to unite in order to strengthen our common struggle to build a new World Party of Socialist Revolution.




Signed by:


Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Venezuela, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Tunisia, USA, Germany, Britain and Austria)


Dördüncü Blok (Turkey)


Agrupación de Lucha Socialista (Mexico)